Picture of the day - September 10, 2005

Helen & Roger's Bridge Arbor


My sister Helen and her husband Roger sell many hand-crafted mountain decor items at Roger's Trading Post in Boone, NC, and among their most popular items are garden arbors made from natural mountain wood products.

When they recently finished their new home in Widener Valley (near Damascus, VA), they decided to replace an aging foot bridge that spanned the creek in their back yard. They love the look of their rustic arbors so much that they decided to build a combination bridge and arbor. It turned out so well that I decided to feature it in today's picture!

Like all of the products they sell, Helen & Roger's new bridge arbor was built to last. They constructed the arbor canopy itself from mountain laurel branches, then they set six locusts posts in concrete to support it. Since these woods weather well and last for a very long time, they chose treated decking lumber for the arched bridge. The result is a beautiful structure that should last for decades!

If you like the looks of this beautiful arbor you can get one of your very own at Roger's Trading Post in Boone, NC.

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