You would want the perfect holiday destination to have stunning natural beauty, interesting customs and exotic food. Morocco fits the bill in every way, especially in the food department, where all stages from selecting the freshest produce to its preparation, serving and savoring are all done with equally strong passion and flair.

Having guests over for a meal is a matter of great pride for the average Moroccan. This tradition began in the royal courts, and the experimentation and creativity of their chefs led to the delicious Moroccan recipes which tourists from all over the world relish today.

The distinctive combination of sweet and savory is typical of Moroccan cooking, with the best example being the addition of fruits to meat dishes like the ‘tagine’. Its liberal use of spices subtly enhances the flavor and aroma of the food without being overbearing. Read more…

Rock climbing is an excellent sport, especially for people who love a challenge. Whether you’re challenging yourself to climb the route faster than your buddy, challenging yourself to drop the extra pounds, or challenging yourself to just finish the climb, you will feel the great reward that comes with accomplishing a goal.

Here are a few reasons why you should try this great sport:

It Gets You Outdoors

For anyone who works a demanding job and has busy children its really hard to make “outdoors time”, even though we are all aware of the many benefits that accompany getting outdoors. So by making climbing a hobby, you will be forced to make time to get outdoors. Make a schedule and find some cool destinations to climb and you will never find yourself trying to skip a workout again. Read more…

Meteorites are cool. The definition broadly refers to anything originating in outer space that ends up impacting the surface of the earth and surviving. When they enter the atmosphere these celestial bodies are exposed to a variety of significant factors. They are affected by friction, pressure and chemical reactions as they plummet toward our planet.

They burn up and become fireballs which we recognize as shooting stars. Some meteorites will burn away to nothing whereas others fare better. When these are spotted travelling through the atmosphere and then recovered after impact they are referred to a ‘falls’. The discovery of meteorites that have been on the planet for some time are called ‘finds’.

Categorizing meteorites is a fairly straightforward process at a base level. There are three categories that include stony meteorites, which are made up from silicate materials. Iron meteorites which are mostly composed of metallic elements. And stony-iron meteorites, which as you’d expect is a combination of both. Read more…

New York is one of the most iconic cities in the United States of America, attracting millions of tourists every year. With so many things to do and famous landmarks to see it can be difficult to squeeze it all in. So to make life a little easier, here are five of The Big Apple’s most iconic attractions:

1 – Empire State Building

The skyscraper is synonymous with the New York Skyline, and none is more famous than the Empire State Building. Construction began on 17th March 1930 and with a workforce of 3000 men the framework of the building shot up at a rate of four-and-a-half stories per week.

On 1st May 1931 it was officially opened by President Hoover, when he turned on its light at the push of a button in Washington DC. When a new broadcast antennae was added in 1950 the total height of rose to 1,467 feet.

Interesting fact: The Empire State Building has its own zip code.

2 – Statue of Liberty Read more…

It’s possible to market a blog without Twitter, but very few successful blogs waste their time going without it. It’s a powerful network and you’re missing out on a big opportunity if you skip out.

It’s easy to understand why many bloggers still choose to opt out, however. Twitter can be incredibly overwhelming, and if you do it wrong it can easily seem like a waste of time with no traffic potential. These tips and tools should make the process much easier.

1 – The Basics

Before worrying about anything else, you need to master these basics: Read more…

Many people find they do not have the time or capability to travel the world during their working lives due to the time commitment of their job. However, retirement can be the perfect time for travel.

Polls show that most people wish to travel during retirement, whether it’s just continuing to go abroad once a year on holiday or something more substantial, such as traveling the world now that time commitments no longer restrict such plans.

Sadly, most people fail to save enough to be able to travel extensively during retirement and find themselves unable to fulfill their wanderlust.

Luckily, a little planning before retirement, using simple tools such as a pension calculator, can remedy this and ensure a retirement full of experiencing new countries and cultures. Read more…

A dozen years ago, you may not have even heard of the problem. Now, most public schools have a special area in the cafeteria reserved for those who have it: Nut allergies (including tree nuts and peanuts) have risen at an alarming rate – and medical researchers have yet to determine why.

According to a study by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the odds of a child being diagnosed with a peanut or tree nut allergy more than tripled between 1997 and 2008. Scientists in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia have reported findings in similar proportion.

Food service facilities have scrambled to find ways of protecting themselves against potential legal issues, but without alienating their customer base. An “Eat at your own risk!” sign in a restaurant is not likely to be good for business.

Why should you care? Read more…

One sign of a good garden is that it attracts wildlife, whether it’s the smallest fly or the chirpiest bird. Nothing brings the ambiance of nature into your personal world like frequent visits from our animal friends!

If you want your garden to be a haven for wildlife, here are a few tips to help you turn it into one:

  • The first thing to do is just relax. Your garden doesn’t have to be insanely tidy. Besides, some forms of wildlife love it.
  • Avoid using pesticides. It helps to go organic, as the number of insects, birds and other forms of wildlife that come to your garden will come in their droves and will want to stay there for the duration of the summer. Read more…
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