Getting to Barcelona

Easyjet has as many as six flights a day from London Gatwick to Barcelona.

Where to Stay (Barcelona)

The Hotel Market is located in the quiet neighborhood of Sant Antoni close to the Metro and only a ten minute walk to the Ramblas. The rooms are of an adequate size with comfortable beds, and a flat screen television. Wi-Fi is complimentary also, as are apples and bottled water. The hotel also boasts a reasonable priced restaurant, and a great bar.

The New York Times newspaper has called the Market hotel one of the best deals in Europe with their reviewer calling the hotel a “Diamond” after their three day stay. Room rates vary in price but if you visit their website you can find special offers like stay three nights, and only pay for two. To get here from the airport take the Aerobus to the stop Gran Via – Urgell from where it is a short walk to the hotel. Hotet Market is located at Pasatge de Sant Antoni Abad, 10 (+34 933 251 205). Read more…

At meetingManaging a project from conception to completion is one of the most challenging jobs in the business world. There are so many things to juggle and direct and a single mis-step can set your project back several weeks, if not months.

A good set of Project Management Docs can help you plan and manage every phase of your project while keeping everyone on your team focused on the overall objective and working together towards successfully meeting that end. Managing a project is so much simpler when you start off with an effective plan, in writing, that everyone can read and glean valuable insights and guidance from.

You’ll find an entire suite of high quality project management templates waiting for you to download for free at Everything you need is provided, including templates for all of the following:

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Project Monitoring and Controlling
  • Project Closure

As you can see, Project Management Docs has all the templates you’ll need in order to guarantee the success of your next project. All of their free Project Management Templates are professionally written by experienced project managers who knowwhat what it takes to succeed. Check them out today at

Interviews are as intimidating for the interviewer as the person being interviewed. Hiring managers need to judge in 45 minutes whether or not this person they just met is, in fact, the right person for the job.

The perfect candidate offers a combination of knowledge, skill, experience and personality that suits the company and team, but with so many interviewees behaving as though an interview is a game of yes-or-no 20 Questions; it’s hard to get depth.

To make the perfect interview happen the manager must ask the right questions and this means customization as well as prioritization.

Select your top five priorities. You may get to ask more than five questions, but if each question leads to an in-depth discussion, you will need to make sure you have open-ended questions at the ready for several categories. Here are the seven most significant categories: Read more…

What one woman has another woman often covets. If you’re born with straight hair you rush out to buy curling tongs, if born with curls, you try to reel them in with the latest set of hair straighteners. But what you really need to think about is working with what you have.

Naturally curly or wavy hair is simply gorgeous. A natural curl is better because straighteners have become so good that a natural look is achievable, whereas naturally straight hair is nigh on impossible to cut, burn and twist into a genuine looking curl. And it takes the average woman 40+ years to realize what an asset having curly hair really is.

Having said that, once in a while it is nice to shake things up and go out looking like a new woman. A new dress, suit or makeup can do it, but nothing feels quite as drastic as stepping out the front door with a brand new hairstyle and wowing your friends. Read more…

Throughout a woman’s life, her appearance is constantly changing. As a child and a teen, she is growing and developing her adult look. When she’s older, she beings to age. And the entire time, her personal sense of style is also growing and changing. She buys new clothes, wears new makeup, and tries new hairstyles.

While men also go through changes in and experimentation with their looks, they don’t do it to quite the same degree as women. For most men, short hair is the status quo, and they don’t have to put much more thought into it.

Women traditionally care a lot more about their hair than men do. They want to look nice, and they want to have nice hair. As they get older, they often decide to cut their long hair and wear it short. Why is this so common among older women? Here are the four best reasons: Read more…

Are you a world-class procrastinator? Do you know what you need to do but seem to always find something else to do that’s not as important? Are you often so overwhelmed by your responsibilities that you can’t seem to get started meeting them?

If you often put things off and then feel guilty for doing so, now is the time to figure out why and learn how to make positive changes.

The reason why is simple: rebellion. You don’t like to be told what to do and instantly become resistant to matters in which you feel you have no choice. Here are a few tips for overcoming this trait and becoming more productive: Read more…

Almost every working adult will ask his or her boss for a raise at some point in his or her career. Asking for a raise can be a nerve-wracking experience but can also have big financial benefits. Before asking for a raise, consider the value that you bring to your company.

Simple actions, such as attending language schools or going the extra mile while on the job, can bolster your chances of receiving the raise you deserve. The following tips can help anyone prepare to ask his or her boss for that big raise.

Create a Money-Saving Plan

Every business leader loves to find great ways to save money. You can prove that you’re a valuable employee by coming up with a viable money-saving plan. In order for your plan to be successful, it will need to be both smart and savvy. You should also come up with a plan that business executives will be enthusiastic about and will be likely to implement. Read more…

Marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are just a few of the common substances that people get addicted to and try to hide. Addiction usually comes with shame and desperation, two emotions that can cause a person to lie, steal, and betray someone else.

You may not know that your partner is addicted to drugs, and that is common, but there will be signs of addiction that can help you figure out the truth.

Here are seven signs of addiction that are hard to hide:

1 – Extreme Mood Changes

Due to the affect the drugs have on the mind, and the desperate need to get more, mood changes are a part of a drug addict’s life. They will be happy one moment and angry the next.

The longer they go without their drugs, the more likely they are to experience negative emotions. Extreme anxiety and anger after spending a long time with you (with no breaks) is a very common sign. Read more…

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