hotel-restaurantThe lifeblood of a hotel or other establishment in the hospitality industry can be summed up in a single word: logistics. Keeping a hotel running smoothly and efficiently depends upon having a capable and reliable hotel supply source that can deliver the materials needed to ensure a safe, healthy and enjoyable stay by its guests.

Most guests pull up to a hotel and sign in expecting everything to be just perfect with their room without giving a second thought to everything that goes on behind the scenes to ensure a pleasant stay.

There are a number of hotel supply companies out there, but choosing the right one can mean the difference between success or failure for a hotel or inn. One outstanding choice is Peach Suite, a well-respected company that offers a full array of Georgia hotel supplies online. Read more…

copper-netEven as the availability of broadband Internet service continues to spread throughout the country, the only affordable option for many families is still an Internet connection via the expansive nationwide telephone system. Virtually every household in America has access to a telephone line which  means that copper is still the most widely available means of delivering digital data to the home or office regardless of where they might be located.

Regional telephone companies typically offer a variety of plans to choose from, they don’t come cheap. A great company named offers an affordable, dependable alternative by providing reliable and unlimited dial-up and DSL service starting at just $9.95 per month, a deal that your local phone company would be hard-pressed to match.’s Internet connections are always among the fastest in their class, and they do not track your browsing habits or require the installation of any type of proprietary software onto your computer. With an Internet service plan from, you can rest assured that your web browsing sessions, emails and chats will be private and confidential.

In business since 1997, has earned a stellar reputation for quality low-cost Internet service and exceptional customer service. There are no setup fees or contracts required, and their existing customers tend to give them glowing reviews.

If you’re looking for outstanding Internet service at a great price and are having trouble finding it where you live, give a try. You’ll find them on the web at or you can give them a call at (888) 336-3318.

When it comes to blogging, are you a known quantity or do you operate quietly in the shadows of the blogosphere?

Blogging offers an excellent connectivity venue for millions of people around the world, allowing them to put voice to their thoughts, by finding like-minded folk and building a reputation for excellence.

That reputation certainly did not come overnight and it is also something that must be protected – the appeal of the “dark side” has sunk many bloggers, people who embraced black hat SEO in a bid to get ahead.

We’re not talking about the bad habits of some bloggers here. Instead, our focus is the effectual traits of successful bloggers, not just a Darren Rouse or a Peter Cashmore, but people who not only dominate a niche, rather they define it.

Here are seven effectual traits of a successful blogger: Read more…

Most writers have the desire to write great copy, but have trouble writing fast enough to make good money. The good news is you can write high-quality articles quickly as long as you stay focused on your article topics, create an outline for each article and don’t proofread until you are finished writing. It is a good idea to use a timer to give yourself a deadline and keep you focused on writing.

Organize Your Day

Before you begin writing for the day, make sure that you have a plan. Most writers have a good idea of how long it takes them to write each article, depending on the article’s length and topic.

Freelance writers may not know which articles will be available to them at the beginning of the day, but they should have a goal in mind. Try writing down either the number of words you plan to write for the day or the amount of money you would like to earn and keep this paper next to your computer where you can see it. Read more…

venu-projectorToday’s world is filled with video and other media more than ever. From streaming online movies, to smart phones capturing everything, to multimedia presentations in school and business settings, the need to project these images in a high quality fashion is greater than ever.

The Venu XD 1070 Projector is the right tool for the job. It has the features to handle any home, business or school applications. The Venu Projector is easy to operate and is super portable. There are many reasons why the Venu XD-1070 is the best choice for all your multimedia viewing needs.  Read more…

Electro Static Discharge or (ESD –  for short) occurs when two objects come into contact causing static electricity. This can be very damaging to electrical items, especially computer equipment.

Many parts of a computer are made from semiconductor material that is susceptible to damage from high voltages. Think of it a bit like the shock you feel when you walk across a rug and then touch a piece of metal or rub a balloon on piece of clothing.

Here are ten powerful tips to prevent the build-up of ESD and protect your equipment:

1 – Grab the Chassis – One of the easiest ways to protect yourself and your equipment is to hold on to the chassis of the computer tower or the power supply case. Read more…

At meetingManaging a project from conception to completion is one of the most challenging jobs in the business world. There are so many things to juggle and direct and a single mis-step can set your project back several weeks, if not months.

A good set of Project Management Docs can help you plan and manage every phase of your project while keeping everyone on your team focused on the overall objective and working together towards successfully meeting that end. Managing a project is so much simpler when you start off with an effective plan, in writing, that everyone can read and glean valuable insights and guidance from.

You’ll find an entire suite of high quality project management templates waiting for you to download for free at Everything you need is provided, including templates for all of the following:

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Project Monitoring and Controlling
  • Project Closure

As you can see, Project Management Docs has all the templates you’ll need in order to guarantee the success of your next project. All of their free Project Management Templates are professionally written by experienced project managers who knowwhat what it takes to succeed. Check them out today at

What one woman has another woman often covets. If you’re born with straight hair you rush out to buy curling tongs, if born with curls, you try to reel them in with the latest set of hair straighteners. But what you really need to think about is working with what you have.

Naturally curly or wavy hair is simply gorgeous. A natural curl is better because straighteners have become so good that a natural look is achievable, whereas naturally straight hair is nigh on impossible to cut, burn and twist into a genuine looking curl. And it takes the average woman 40+ years to realize what an asset having curly hair really is.

Having said that, once in a while it is nice to shake things up and go out looking like a new woman. A new dress, suit or makeup can do it, but nothing feels quite as drastic as stepping out the front door with a brand new hairstyle and wowing your friends. Read more…

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