In 2010, roughly 270,000 Americans fell victim to identity fraud scams. In just the first half of 2013, that number had increased nearly six times to 1.6 million, according to the Department of the Treasury. The likelihood is growing that someone you know will face ID theft, so you need to be aware of how thieves find targets and what they do with the information they steal.

How ID Thieves Find Targets

Unless someone close to you is the criminal, certain groups are more likely to be targets of identity theft than others. Your risk of becoming an ID fraud victim increases if you do the following:  Read more…

z-c-rWhen you are choosing accessories for your home, you should consider rugs a form of art. Therefore, you’ll want to select a rug that complements your decor  while retaining its own sense of individualism.

Zebra print cowhide rugs are an excellent choice of decorative accessory. They are durable and easy to clean. Those two features make them an appealing option in a house where an active family  lives. You can entertain with ease in a room that has a cowhide rug because if something is spilled, all you need is soap and water to clean the rug.

Most likely, when you think of a zebra print rug you visualize a white rug with black stripes. That particular color pattern is quite popular. It fits well  into a modern or contemporary decor. You might be surprised to discover that black and white is not your only color option. Read more…

“Laws of nature will always stay the same, no matter if humans intervene.”

Indeed, this principle is also applicable in our homes. Naturally, a child will not be born without a father and a mother. Therefore, if the child grows up without having a complete family, the child will soon feel the longing and the need for having both a father and a mother at home.

As a matter of fact, majority of kids whose parents are separated or divorced wish to see their mother and father together again just to have a complete family. If you are facing this kind of problem, please do read on.

The Child’s Ideal View: A Complete Family

One of the major issues being faced by single parents is dealing with their child’s need for a complete family. Of course, as the child grows older, they will begin to notice the difference with their family.

Sooner or later, they will be asking about their absentee parent based on their observations with their friends and other families, especially if they see a happy family in movies. Then, they will start asking about the whereabouts of their missing parent. Read more…

home-inspectionIn 2008, the real estate market suffered a crippling blow; one that it soon wouldn’t recover from. Everywhere you looked homes were being confiscated by the bank. And although the market has mostly recovered, buyers remain extremely speculative. Furthermore, in order to decrease foreclosure and default rates, banks have tightened their loan criteria. Coupled with the fact that more and more sellers are selling their home “as is” and the need for quality home inspections, like those provided by A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, is in greater demand than ever before.

These days, it is almost essential that you work out a contingency strategy with your real estate agent that will allow you to back out of a home purchase if it fails inspection. By inserting a clause that protects you against “money pits”, you’ll gain the confidence you need to carry out the transaction.

Additionally, whereas most banks used to suggest getting a home inspection conducted, many of them now require it. In fact, 95% of banks won’t sign off on a mortgage until a home inspection is performed, further exemplifying its importance.  Read more…

pet-suppliesHaving grown up on a farm, I know how important it is to have a steady supply of high quality animal feeds and supplies on hand at all times. My uncles raised their own feed corn and stockpiled mountains of hay, barley, alfalfa and other grains, but there was always a need for commercially produced feeds of various types as well.

Farmers and pet owners in the Auckland, New Zealand area can depend on Lifestyle Animal and Pet Supplies, LLC to provide top quality farm animal and pet feed at very competitive prices, and in many cases they come with free delivery! Read more…

armed-forcesAs a former officer in the U.S. Army, I enjoy reading about the success of others who got their start in the military. One such man is Rusty Solomon.

Before beginning his military service, Rusty lacked the discipline and skills necessary to make his way in the world and live a successful life. But once he put on that uniform his life began to change for the better.

Simply put, Rusty Solomon loves the Army. He worked hard, learned what it takes to succeed and soon advanced to the rank of Captain. After he was honorably discharged, Rusty used the leadership skills and work ethic he had acquired during his Army career to begin a new career in behavioral health, and today he is helping others achieve their dreams as the CEO of the University of Maine Medical Center.

Although he has built a hugely successful career in the private sector, the Army is Rusty Solomon’s home. And it always will be. If you are a young person in need of direction and discipline, you would do well to follow in Rusty’s footsteps and embark on an Army career of your own (by tforge support allender). Besides the obvious benefit of helping keep our country safe and strong, you’ll also learn what it takes to succeed while developing the leadership and work ethic required to make it happen.

Individuals who are thinking of filing a personal injury claim will likely have a better outcome with the help of an attorney. Attorneys such as Adam Kutner understand the ways in which insurance companies and corporations attempt to slip past their legal responsibilities.

In addition, they understand that filing paper work improperly and other mundane mistakes can result in a lost case. Therefore, they can ensure an individual is properly represented and receives the compensation they need and deserve.

Although it is possible for an individual to face a company without the legal aid of an experienced attorney, it is not wise.

marketing-resultsAn effective Internet marketing campaign can mean the difference between success or failure for any venture. If done properly the rewards can be astronomical, but unless you have the expertise required to effectively market your business yourself, it’s imperative that you find someone who does to help you reach your goals.

If you need to get your business in front of a local market, you’ll find that the task of local business marketing is even more difficult than marketing to a national audience. In many cases your biggest competitor is literally just down the street, and in the virtual sense so is his website. And the website that receives the traffic will determine which business lands the customers. Read more…

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