The hot summer months are great regarding being able to stay active and get out and about, but they’re not necessarily ideal when it comes to your appearance.

Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your skin and hair in particular, so how do you enjoy yourself this summer without looking like you’re suffering the effects of the weather?

Tailor your beauty routine and products to the weather, with tips like the ones detailed below.

Perfect Your Beach Hair

Even if you’re not actually at the beach, having hair that looks like you are is always in style. To get the perfect low-maintenance beach hair this summer, first use a clip-free curling iron to create soft waves. 

Then, to avoid having them frizz, while also making sure they maintain some of their shape consider using hair wax. Hair wax tends to create texture which is ideal when you want those tousled beach waves.

Use Lots of Sunscreen

Using sunscreen isn’t just to protect your skin from damaging rays. It’s also a beauty tip because when you’re burned your skin will look dried out and signs of aging can start to show pretty quickly, as can sun damage.

One of our favorite ways to make things easy for yourself in the summer is to choose a light tinted moisturizer with SPF that you can use every day, making it effortless to remember to protect at least your face.

Slather on Aloe

Even if you don’t have a sunburn, aloe can be a great product to keep you looking fresh and beautiful in the summer. Aloe has gentle anti-inflammatory properties so it can soothe your skin after sun exposure, and also after you’ve been swimming and exposed to chlorine and other summer chemicals.

It will repair your skin and keep it hydrated so you can glow all summer long.

Use Deep Conditioner on Your Hair

It’s not just your skin that can suffer in summer. It’s also your hair. When you’re swimming and exposing it to the sun, it can lead to a lot of damage. Every week in the summer use a deep conditioning hair mask. This will help strengthen and replenish your hair and keep it looking healthy and strong all summer long.

You should also think about using a leave-in conditioner with SPF protection on your hair every time you wash it as well. This will not just protect your hair, but also help your salon color last longer.

Take Oil Blotters with You

No one wants a super shiny summer face that can happen when you’re sweating and also reapplying sunscreen. However, you don’t want to use powder in the summer because it can mix with your sweat and create a disaster.

Instead, take oil blotting sheets with you everywhere you go in the summer. It will keep your skin looking oil-free, and it’s an easy, natural way to stay beautiful in the summer.

Finally, use simple makeup in the summer. For example, find an all-over color stick or cream that you can use on eyes, lips and cheeks, and some waterproof mascara. You don’t want to look too made-up in the summer because your makeup may run and it can also clog your pores.

Note: Image courtesy of Ivan Turkouski.