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Even as the availability of broadband Internet service continues to spread throughout the country, the only affordable option for many families is still an Internet connection via the expansive nationwide telephone system. Virtually every household in America has access to a telephone line which  means that copper is still the most widely available means of […]

Today’s world is filled with video and other media more than ever. From streaming online movies, to smart phones capturing everything, to multimedia presentations in school and business settings, the need to project these images in a high quality fashion is greater than ever. The Venu XD 1070 Projector is the right tool for the […]

Electro Static Discharge or (ESD –  for short) occurs when two objects come into contact causing static electricity. This can be very damaging to electrical items, especially computer equipment. Many parts of a computer are made from semiconductor material that is susceptible to damage from high voltages. Think of it a bit like the shock […]

My six-year-old son wants to play Wild West. “I’ll be the outlaw,” he tells me. I make a poster that says, “Wanted: Dead or Alive.” I hang it by a magnet on the refrigerator. “Seriously, Mom? The fridge?” my child says. “A real sheriff would post it on Facebook.” As it turns out, my kindergartener […]

At first glance, there aren’t many differences between the iPad 2 and the 3rd Generation iPad – same size, same weight, same battery life – but what has changed has changed in a big way! Retina Display The Retina Display is the addition that has everyone falling over their feet for the iPad 3, and […]

Anything and everything you put over the Internet is subject to being spied upon. There’s no way to avoid this being the case. The way you control whether or not you are spied upon is by controlling what you put over the network. Ideally, your communications should be encrypted so that they are completely unreadable […]

It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you. One nasty malware program or virus could wipe out your entire operating system. Along with your operating system, your photos, music, files and programs will go up in smoke as well. In most cases, unless you take precautions before something happens, you won’t be able […]

We live in an age where most people already use a computer on a daily basis – no arguments there, right? The problem is that only a fraction of these users know how to fix hardware issues without calling for a technician. That’s too bad, since there are many hardware issues that aren’t that complicated […]

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