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The average New Yorker doesn’t drive a car. For those that do, they have to worry about getting a parking ticket that may be as much as $115. Now one lucky person will purchase a million-dollar parking space. Even for New York City, this is a first. First Million Dollar Parking Space What does the […]

Whether you are looking to sell your business premises in the coming months or simply wish to enhance the setting for the good of staff members and customers, there are many things you can do to add value to your commercial property. Continue on as the aspects worth considering are explored in further detail. Extensions […]

In determining the value of your home, what’s the most important factor? It’s said to be location, but unfortunately, your house is where it is. You can’t very easily move it to a more expensive neighborhood. There is another answer, though. By making the right improvements, you can add as much as 75 percent to […]

Are we giving up before we try? I did a staging consultation the other day for a sweet young couple. They need to sell their house so that they can be closer to family members who help out with their daycare needs. They have a great house that they really love – it’s an older […]