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What one woman has another woman often covets. If you’re born with straight hair you rush out to buy curling tongs, if born with curls, you try to reel them in with the latest set of hair straighteners. But what you really need to think about is working with what you have. Naturally curly or […]

Throughout a woman’s life, her appearance is constantly changing. As a child and a teen, she is growing and developing her adult look. When she’s older, she beings to age. And the entire time, her personal sense of style is also growing and changing. She buys new clothes, wears new makeup, and tries new hairstyles. […]

Many women and men are getting a facelift to restore their youthful look. However, although there are many benefits to getting a facelift such as removing the visible signs of aging, it is important to remember that getting a facelift is a medical procedure. Before you decide to undergo any cosmetic surgery such as a […]

Facial beauty is something that all women want to preserve as long as they can. Looking good at age thirty isn’t as difficult as it at later ages because at thirty the collagen has, in most cases, just started to break down and hasn’t had time to cause saggy facial skin, deep lines, and wrinkles […]

In this busy world, there is precious little time to devote to personal beauty. A 2008 European survey of 1,000 participants found that women spend an average of 20 minutes each day putting on makeup. Over the course of her lifetime, she will devote 3,276 hours to enhancing her personal appearance at that rate. Cut […]

In American standards of conventional beauty, women wear makeup. It’s simply expected for women to paint their faces in some way. Makeup often makes women look, or at least feel, more attractive, and putting on makeup is part of their daily routine. While wearing makeup seems to be the norm, there are plenty of women […]

Growing up, if you’d ever picked up one of your mother’s magazines aimed at the ‘older lady’ you’d probably have found yourself under the impression that once a woman hits fifty she is supposed to develop a penchant for bulky sweaters, elastic waistbands and a no-nonsense approach to life. Times change however and fifty is no longer […]

Oily skin is caused by over-productive sebaceous glands which produce more oil than your skin really needs to stay hydrated. This can leave your skin feeling greasy and looking shiny – not a look most people would want! Oily skin can also lead to problems such as acne and can cause spots to constantly appear, […]

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