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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Diabetes Directory

  • Gainesville Endocrinology - Patients throughout North Central Florida including Gainesville, Ocala,
    Lake City, and Tallahassee are referred to us for thyroid evaluation, thyroid ultrasound, thyroid
    nodule biopsy, thyroid cancer treatment and a wide spectrum of endocrine disorders.
  • Diabetes Blood Glucose Log - Use our online diabetes management tool for free. Our interactive 
    blood glucose diary helps you keep track of your blood sugar levels and see whether you are
    inside or outside of your target range.
  • Type Free - Improving Your Diabetes Lifestyle - A 1-stop resource for diabetes care and 
    nutrition. It addresses the basics of diabetes, physical activity and exercise, diet and
    nutrition, self-care, managing complications and prevention. Targeted to provide easy,
    whole life solutions for diabetes. It helps you to live your life type free.
  • Diabetic Diet Recipes - Diabetic Diet - Provides information on diabetic diets, diabetic diet 
    principles and diabetic recipes.
  • Diabetic Drug Store: Diabetes Information And Care - Diabetic Drug Store was founded by a 
    pharmacist and diabetic educators in 1999. They provide testing supplies, sugar free cooking
    supplies, and daily living aids for diabetics in North America.
  • Diabetic Foot Care - Information on the diabetic foot for health professionals and people with 
  • Liberty Medical - Medicare Provider of Diabetes Supplies, Respiratory Medications - Liberty is a 
    leading Medicare provider of diabetes supplies and respiratory medications and supplies. Liberty
    also supplies blood glucose meters, test strips, lancets, syringes, insulin pumps and many
    other diabetes medications.
  • Children With Diabetes - The on-line community for kids and families living with diabetes. 
  • The Diabetes Mall - Your one-stop source for diabetes treatment supplies. 
  • DiabetesMonitor.com - Monitoring diabetes happenings everywhere! 
  • Diabetes Interview - Essential information for the diabetes community. 
  • Diabetes News - Current news and information about diabetes. 
  • Diabetes Digest - Diabetes information that is easy-to-read and understand. 
  • BD Diabetes - Diabetes treatment supplies and information. 
  • Diabetes Symptoms - Diabetes-Guide.org - Extensive information about diabetes and treatments 
    to help you manage your diabetic symptoms effectively.


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