Picture of the day - July 10, 2005

Rock Climbing On Backbone Rock

Climbing Backbone Rock

Today's picture features a young lady scaling the side of Backbone Rock in Sutherland, TN. With an average height of 75 feet and sides that are past vertical in many places, Backbone Rock is a local hotspot for the rock climbers in the region. There are several places on either side of the rock to choose from, offering climbs ranging from moderately easy to extremely difficult.

Local fire department and rescue squad personnel practice their rock climbing and rappelling skills on the sheer rock faces of Backbone Rock, but today's group consisted of just four people having a bit of fun.

The climber pictured above isn't using the rope to help her scale the face of the rock...she's actually climbing free of the rope. It is only there to serve as a belay line to prevent her from falling to the ground in case of a mishap.

The Backbone Rock National Recreation Area has lots to offer those who love the outdoors, including the opportunity to climb one of the world's most unique rock formations!

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