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Amazing Disappearing Quarter Trick

This page is dedicated to the lighter side of life! And what could be more fun than spreading a little joy to those around us with a great magic trick?

Magic has always been a source of fascination and wonder the world over. In the past, kings and queens were entertained by magicians performing feats of magic and sleight-of-hand. Over the years, the wonders and joys of magic have been passed on to the masses.

Today, magic acts the world over perform in some of the hottest entertainment venues in the world. And it's easy to understand why: Magic amazes and delights young and old alike.

If you're interested in becoming a professional magician (or just learning a trick or two to amaze your friends), the web is filled with great resources for learning and practicing the art of magic. Just do a Google search on magic or magic tricks.

To get you started, here is an easy to master, yet amazing magic trick that I'm sure you will enjoy:

Disappearing Quarter Magic Trick

Sometimes we just need to have a little fun and spread a little cheer. This amazing yet very simple trick will help you do just that! This Disappearing Quarter Trick will amaze your friends and associates. And best of all, it takes just minutes to master and is 100% effective, every time! 

This is how it works:  

You approach a friend (or group). You extend your hand toward him and show him the quarter that you're holding, inviting him to take it. As he reaches for the coin, it simply vanishes into thin air, leaving your friend stunned and amazed.

Sound good? Lets get started...

Simple instructions:

1. Preparing the coin

Attach a long, strong rubber band to the edge of a quarter using one of these 2 methods (see photo):


a) Drill a small hole near the edge of the quarter and loop the rubber band through the hole. (This method works best.)
b) Use a spot of crazy glue to attach the rubber band to the quarter.

2. Using a safety pin, attach the loose end of the rubber band to the inside of the right sleeve of a loose-fitting long sleeved shirt. Attach the rubber band somewhere near the elbow.

3. Grasp the quarter with your left hand. Pull it out of your sleeve and grasp it between your right thumb and forefinger. Be sure to hide the spot where the rubber band is attached to the coin by covering it with the thumb and forefinger. The rubber band should be stretched fairly tight.

4. Make sure the rubber band is completely hidden from view by stretching it along the underside of your forearm. Practice holding the coin in front of a mirror until you become proficient at keeping the rubber band hidden from view. When it is held properly, the rubber band will never be seen by others.

5. Approach a friend (or friends) while holding the quarter between your thumb and forefinger. Offer to give it to the friend. Just as he is reaching for it, relax your grip on it just enough so that it snaps out of sight under your shirtsleeve. Practice releasing the quarter in front of a mirror until you are able to do it without visibly moving your fingers. It will snap under your shirtsleeve so quickly that it will seem to just disappear.

6. Never tell ANYONE how the trick is done. He will tell someone else who will in turn tell someone else and before you know it the trick will be useless to you because everyone that you know will know how it's done. Besides, the real joy in witnessing the performance of any magic trick lies in the amazement and mystery surrounding it!

The key to making this trick effective is to practice in front of a mirror until:
  • You are able to keep the rubber band completely hidden from view
  • You are able to release the quarter without others being able to see any movement of your fingers or hand
Both of the above are easy to master with a few minutes of practice. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn this trick! I learned it from my grandfather as a young boy. It has worked for me for years and it will work for you too.

Good luck!