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HTML Encryption Utility

Protect your valuable source code and data with
your very own HTML Encryption Software!

Do you have HTML source code or other sensitive information on your website that you want to protect from unauthorized use? Do you want to provide an email address on your website without being subject to spambots?

If so, you need to encrypt your HTML code and information with our popular HTML Encryption Utility. We're now offering this handy software program as a free download!

This program isn't shareware. You pay nothing now or at any time in the future. It really is 100% free for you to use, sell, or give away as a bonus (it makes a great viral traffic builder)!

We'll even rebrand the software with your Website name and URL at the top of the page, for free, and then email it to you!

This powerful utility will encrypt your HTML source code to prevent others from viewing it or copying it. 

The HTML Encryption Utility will:
  • Protect your HTML source code, scripts, etc. from unauthorized copying.
  • Protect your affiliate links from hijacking (which costs you your hard-earned commissions).
  • Prevent email harvesting robots from extracting your email address from your web pages and adding you to a SPAM list.
  • The encrypted code will work exactly like the original, including any CSS styling, scripts, etc.

Click here to download your very own HTML Encryption Software package right now!