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5 Tips For Designing A Successful eBook

Ebooks are excellent tools for sharing information and getting your message out. They're also an inexpensive (free!) way to promote your website and products. Creating and distributing your own ebooks benefits you and your customers.

Here are 5 tips for designing and distributing a successful ebook:

  1. Write about a topic that interests you. It's easy to write when you're enthusiastic about the topic, and that enthusiasm will often be shared by the readers of your ebook. If you're bored while writing your ebook, the readers will likely be bored as well.
  2. Research your topic before you write about it! If you're an expert on the topic, you can probably skip this step. If not, you should do some digging around to verify your facts. Nothing will ruin the credibility of an otherwise great ebook faster than making a glaring factual error (even one!).
  3. Make your ebook attractive and easy to read. An ebook with a professional appearance will help lend an air of professionalism to you and your website as well.

    Use colors that don't clash or cause eyestrain. Use fonts that are attractive and easy to read (Verdana makes a great choice). And be sure to use lots of white space!

  4. After you have created a great ebook, you need to market it effectively.
    • If you plan to sell it, you need design an attractive ebook cover for it. The old saying "you can't judge a book by it's cover" doesn't apply to ebooks.

      Your customers can't touch your ebook. They can't open it up and read a chapter or two like they can with a real book in a regular book store, so all they have to go on is the ebook cover and your description (ad).

      If you lack the artistic ability to design a professional quality ebook cover, don't despair. Simply hire someone to design it for you!

    • Don't write an "ad" for your ebook. Write an article about it. A well-written ad doesn't look like an ad at all. It looks like an article (or review) about the ebook.
    • If you plan to give the ebook away for free, place a download link in a prominent location on your website. Offer to let other related websites distribute the ebook as a bonus or simply as an additional resource for their visitors.
    • Submit your ebook to all of the large ebook directories and freebies sites. These sites generate an amazing amount of traffic!
  5. Use a high quality ebook creator software package. A high quality ebook can only be created with high quality software.

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