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Saturday, August 19, 2017


Spanish Grammar - Affirmatives And Negatives

Beginning Spanish: A basic course in the Spanish language

As in other languages, Spanish has several affirmative and negative words and phrases, several of which are included in the table below.

Spanish affirmatives and negatives

someone, somebody

alguno (-a, -os, -as)
some one, some



a veces
sometimes, at times


o ... o
either ... or
no one, nobody

ninguno (a)
none, not one, not any

nothing, not anything

never, not ever


neither, not either

ni ... ni
neither ... nor

Note: To express a negative in the Spanish language, the verb is either preceded by the word no followed by the longer negative word, or it is preceded by the longer negative word alone.

Note: Ninguno has no plural form. When used before a masculine singular noun, alguno and ninguno become algún and ningún.


    Nadie vio la película.
    No one saw the movie.

    No vi a nadie en el teatro.
    I didn't see anyone in the theater.

    No trabajo nunca los domingos.
    I never work on Sundays.

    ¡No digas nada a nadie!
    Don't say anything to anyone!

    Nadie dice nada.
    Nobody is saying anything.

    Hay alguien en la casa.
    There is someone in the house.

    Hay algo muy interesante en la mesa.
    There is something very interesting on the table.

    Tengo algunos libros nuevos.
    I have some new books.

    No tenemos tiempo.
    We don't have time.

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