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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


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Picture of the day - May 16, 2005

Historic Saltville, Virginia

Saltville, VA

Saltville, Virginia, billed as "The Salt Capitol Of The Confederacy", is a tiny southwestern Virginia town that played a very important role in the American Civil War. The area's numerous salt mines provided "table salt" to the Confederate army for the soldiers to season their food items with. They also used it to cure any meat that was added to their meager rations (when they actually had some).

Saltville was so critical to the South's hopes for success that the Union army attacked the town twice with the mission of destroying the salt works (by tf support allender). The Confederates successfully defended the town against a Union attack in October 1864, but just two months later troops led by Major General George Stoneman successfully destroyed Saltville's ability to mine and distribute the precious mineral for the remainder of the war.

The subsequent lack of salt helped lower the morale of the Confederate troops and quite possibly hastened the end of the war four months later on April 9, 1865.

Today, the salt works are no longer in operation, but Saltville keeps a strong hold on its proud heritage. In addition to displays celebrating Saltville's place in American history, the Museum Of The Middle Appalachians features many ice-age era fossils that were recovered from local archeological digs, and more fossils and artifacts are being found all the time.

If you find yourself traveling along I-81 in southwestern Virginia, why not take a break for a couple of hours and pay historic Saltville a visit? Just take exit 35 at Chilhowie, Va and follow the signs for the short drive to Saltville.

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