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Saturday, September 23, 2017


Learn Spanish In Beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico

An authentic Spanish language school in exotic Mexico!

For students who are looking for high-quality Spanish language schools, our Spanish language programs are founded on over 33 years of experience in Spanish language instruction. We offer you the opportunity to participate in one of the finest Spanish language immersion programs available today.

For those individuals that find the beautiful country of Mexico especially interesting, the city of Guadalajara, with the warmth of her people, traditional hospitality, and authentic Mexican identity, make learning Spanish in Mexico an unforgettable cultural experience.

The architecture and culture of Mexico abounds in this 460+ year old city. The cathedral is the most prominent example of an incredible amount of colonial period architecture.

It exemplifies the timelessness of the unique culture of colonial Mexico. Mariachi music, played by a traditional Mexican orchestra, originated right here in a little town situated very close to Guadalajara.

Rest assured you that we are completely committed to making your endeavor of studying Spanish in Mexico as memorable and educationally productive as possible!

Guadalajara, "The City of Roses" or "The Pearl of the West" as the locals call it, was founded by the Spanish in 1542. This wonderful city is now second only to Mexico City in population, production, and commerce.

But she is second to none in charm, beauty, and the warmth of her people. Guadalajara's numerous colonial buildings, museums, churches, theaters, and parks all contribute to making the city especially rich in history and culture.

Guadalajara is also located within a few hours drive of Puerto Vallarta, the world famous Mexican beach resort.

The people of Guadalajara (including her visitors) enjoy one of the world's most temperate climates. The year round temperature is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

All of these factors and much more have made Guadalajara the center of comfort and culture in western Mexico, and a great place to learn to speak Spanish!

Guadalajara, while retaining her provincial Mexican culture and enchantment, offers the visitor all the modern conveniences that will guarantee that he/she will not have to do without any of the comforts, cultural interests, sporting events, or entertainment to which he/she is accustomed.

These are a few of the things that have enticed many visitors from other countries to make Guadalajara their home, or for those pursuing cultural goals their center of learning.

If you have a desire to learn Spanish in Mexico, we invite you to consider our exceptional total Spanish language immersion programs!

Article courtesy of:

IMAC - Spanish Language School in Guadalajara, Mexico with 33 YEARS of experience!

Donato Guerra No.180 (Historic Downtown Area) Guadalajara, Jalisco. ZC: 44100

Visit us at www.Spanish-School.com.mx.

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