Throughout a woman’s life, her appearance is constantly changing. As a child and a teen, she is growing and developing her adult look. When she’s older, she beings to age. And the entire time, her personal sense of style is also growing and changing. She buys new clothes, wears new makeup, and tries new hairstyles.

While men also go through changes in and experimentation with their looks, they don’t do it to quite the same degree as women. For most men, short hair is the status quo, and they don’t have to put much more thought into it.

Women traditionally care a lot more about their hair than men do. They want to look nice, and they want to have nice hair. As they get older, they often decide to cut their long hair and wear it short. Why is this so common among older women? Here are the four best reasons: Read more…

Almost every working adult will ask his or her boss for a raise at some point in his or her career. Asking for a raise can be a nerve-wracking experience but can also have big financial benefits. Before asking for a raise, consider the value that you bring to your company.

Simple actions, such as attending language schools or going the extra mile while on the job, can bolster your chances of receiving the raise you deserve. The following tips can help anyone prepare to ask his or her boss for that big raise.

Create a Money-Saving Plan

Every business leader loves to find great ways to save money. You can prove that you’re a valuable employee by coming up with a viable money-saving plan. In order for your plan to be successful, it will need to be both smart and savvy. You should also come up with a plan that business executives will be enthusiastic about and will be likely to implement. Read more…

Marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are just a few of the common substances that people get addicted to and try to hide. Addiction usually comes with shame and desperation, two emotions that can cause a person to lie, steal, and betray someone else.

You may not know that your partner is addicted to drugs, and that is common, but there will be signs of addiction that can help you figure out the truth.

Here are seven signs of addiction that are hard to hide:

1 – Extreme Mood Changes

Due to the affect the drugs have on the mind, and the desperate need to get more, mood changes are a part of a drug addict’s life. They will be happy one moment and angry the next.

The longer they go without their drugs, the more likely they are to experience negative emotions. Extreme anxiety and anger after spending a long time with you (with no breaks) is a very common sign. Read more…

The blogosphere is under assault from social media forces such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you were to believe even just half the hype, legions of bloggers are calling it quits and moving their online efforts to one or more social media platforms.

Hype is just that: it is based on conjecture, usually without solid facts.

The reality is that some weblogs are shutting down with former bloggers moving to one or more social media sites, perhaps seeking a more sustainable engagement with their readers. Facebook, of course, is their chief destination, one where roughly one in seven earthly inhabitants is now registered.

Facebook may be the darling of more than one billion people, but it is most certainly a time-suck for the intrepid blogger.

Allow me to explain… Read more…

Magic tricks are an excellent way to entertain dinner guests – and what item is more common at a typical dinner party than a tablecloth? Because they are so close at hand, they make a useful prop for all sorts of tricks.

Here are 3 simple magic tricks you can have fun with:

1 – Remove a Tablecloth without Breaking Anything

Once you’ve got the hang of this very simple trick, you can start doing it in complex scenarios – it’s all about practice and getting a feel for it.

If you follow these tips you can get started straight away, no dexterity or co-ordination required!

A. Pull down, not out.

This is the key to the trick.

Pull out and everything will move with the cloth.

Pull down and the cloth should always slide out from underneath the items, especially if you follow the rest of these instructions. Read more…

Having a dispute with your neighbor is not an uncommon occurrence. Disagreements with your neighbors can happen. They can turn into arguments and, later on, into disputes.

During this time, some people often do crazy and stupid things, such as verbally assaulting the other party or even destroying some of their property. Note though that you can get your reputation ruined by doing so. You can get charged with a criminal case or two, depending on what stunt you pulled off.

For this reason, here are a few things that you will need to remember to keep your reputation safe during a domestic dispute: Read more…

As the number of older Americans balloons, so too does the proportion of the population they comprise. According to the 2010 US Census, over 40 million Americans – 13% – are 65 or older. In comparison with 2000 data, “the population grew at a faster rate in the older ages than in the younger ages.”

This trend is expected to continue and accelerate. As a result, issues surrounding the care of the elderly will become increasingly important.

Many aspects of dealing with aging, such as the need for assisted living facilities, have a social stigma attached. This need not be the case. With a change in perspective on aging and caring for the elderly, people can realize that assisted living can be enhanced living. Read more…

According to Wikipedia, an entrepreneur is defined as “an enterprising individual who builds capital through risk and/or innovation”. Over the years, energetic, innovative and forward-thinking individuals have driven their companies from humble beginnings to global success.

Here are ten of the most influential and successful entrepreneurs in recent history:

1 – Steve Jobs (Apple)

Steve Jobs epitomized the modern entrepreneur. He led Apple into a market-leading position with products such as the iPad and iPhone. An unconventional soul, Steve Jobs’ attitude was always one of arrogance. He was renowned for not conducting market research, once implying that it is the manufacturer who tells the consumer what they want, not the other way around.

2 – Bill Gates (Microsoft)

Bill Gates is among the few business people who can claim they have changed the world twice in a single lifetime. First there was the introduction of the personal computer. Second came global health and public education initiatives. Microsoft’s founder is renowned for his attitude towards using small teams of smart people. Read more…

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