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You’re standing at the gas pump watching how much it’s going to take to fill your tank. You top it off at 20 gallons. Would you be surprised to find out that fewer than four gallons of that will actually be burned to turn your tires and push you down the road? It’s true. The […]

We’ve heard a great deal over the past several years about the benefits of “going green.” Yet, while most of us know that this has something to do with helping the environment, just exactly does it mean to go green and why should someone consider it? In its most basic sense, going green entails using […]

With dramatically increasing gas prices, fear of oil shortages, and mounting pressure to go green and protect the environment, there is becoming a greater push to develop and use electric cars. But are electric vehicles the answer? Or are they just a step in the right direction? Whether you are environmentally conscious, looking for sustainable […]

Cleaning our homes is essential. We need to pick up after ourselves, vacuum or sweep our floors, dust, mop – there is a lot to do. Most household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that are not good for the environment or for our health. Some have an awful smell that lingers throughout our homes. Others produce […]

From an environmental standpoint, recycling is infinitely preferable to dumping items in a landfill – but recycling has its own environmental costs. When possible, re-using materials is a far more eco-friendly practice than recycling them. The Environmental Costs of Recycling The recycling process itself is, at its core, a manufacturing process. As such, it results […]

Spring is here, and this is the perfect time to think about gardening. It’s a great pastime and a perfect way to ensure that you and your family have healthy and delicious vegetables to eat all summer long. However, for some gardening can be a daunting task, especially if they have no experience doing it. […]

If you are interested in the environment and green living, you can actively pursue those interests using your iPhone. There are many apps dedicated to environmentalism and green living that ready for download from the Apple App store. These apps cover a variety of green applications, including personal healthy eating, fuel efficiency and recycling. Although […]

In any solar energy system, the inverter plays a crucial role in delivering the DC electricity generated by the solar panels and transforming it into normal household 240 VAC which our goods can then use. The inverter will also track how much electricity your system is producing. With the recent explosion in solar power and […]

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