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I have been a full time affiliate marketer since 1999, and I have learned a great deal about the business during that time. Some things have changed or evolved, mostly to our benefit. However, some things have remained the same, such as the basics of becoming successful. If you are looking for the secrets to becoming a […]

For any website, the amount of traffic serves as its lifeblood, and that traffic is partly dependent upon your website’s loading time. The following outlines 10 reasons why it’s crucial to create web pages that load fast. 1 – Use HTML The most important tip to create a fast-loading website is to use HTML as […]

You don’t need a huge budget or expensive graphic designers to have a successful business on the Internet. The key to a flourishing e-commerce website is an understanding of your product and your customers. If you are a family owned business, you do want an ultra sleek web design that a giant retailer would use. […]

Most people do affiliate marketing incorrectly by blatantly promoting the product, which is what makes them fail in their affiliate business. Here are some tips you can use to promote affiliate products without actually promoting them: 1 – Create a sense of lack Well, this method revolves around creating content which will be incomplete without the […]

According to web giant Adobe, 85% of the top websites on the internet run Flash which seems like an incredibly high number. This got me wondering just how HTML 5 is shaping up against Flash and can it ever be a serious competitor? Evan’s Data, a web statistics company recently polled 1,200 web developers about […]

Web development today can seem so vast and overwhelming to the novice user, and a lot of this can stem from the amount of money that web developers are spending on their software these days. However, what many beginner web developers need to know straight from the start is that there are a whole slew […]

As bloggers evolve into technically savvy webmasters, they begin to outgrow their free or subsidized hosting service. They begin to crave the freedom, flexibility and status of naming their own URL and converting what was seemingly theirs into something that is truly theirs. One of the stages of this metamorphosis, is the need to transition […]

You may have started your website on Blogger or WordPress as a simple blog, but as your site has grown, it has become more of a website. More importantly, you’re starting to notice that the page views are increasing, but not as quickly as you would like. One simple way you can change the numbers is […]

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