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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Health & Medical Directory - Page 5

    Featured Resource:

    Pfizer Philanthropy - As the world's leading pharmaceutical company, we seek sustainable health
    solutions. Learn more about Pfizer's role in Corporate citizenship, as well as our mission and values.
  • Fertility Treatment Options - Learn the facts about fertility. Find out about initial and advanced 
    fertility treatments from Serono. Fertility LifeLinesT is a free, confidential educational service
    about fertility.
  • Ultimate HGH - Human Growth Hormone - The ultimate HGH research website offering information 
    on human growth hormone, benefits, and advice.
  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Options - Learn about multiple sclerosis, including MS symptoms and 
    treatment options. Find multiple sclerosis research and news, expert Q & A, tips and advice for
    daily living, online multiple sclerosis communities, and caregiver support.
  • Adderall XR: Treatment For ADHD - Welcome to Adderall XR.com for the treatment of ADHD. 
    Adderall XR is an extended-release, once-daily formulation of Adderall.
  • Zija Powdered Moringa Leaf Capsules - Information on the Zija Drink and pure powdered Moringa 
    Leaf capsules that will help you decide which is best. Amazing energy, endurance, and mental
  • Maximum Potency Aloe Vera - This tasteless, odorless, and freeze dried aloe vera powder is 
    scientifically the most advanced aloe product on the market. Online sales and great information.
  • Amevive Psoriasis Treatment - Information about Amevive (alefacept), a prescription treatment 
    for chronic plaque psoriasis. Speak to your doctor or dermatologist to find out if Amevive is right
    for you. Visit the site for more information including questions to ask your doctor.
  • HGH Human Growth Hormone - Maximum HGH allowable in over the counter sales of homeopathic 
    human growth hormone is explained and is for sale at this website.
  • Trileptal Epilepsy Medication For Seizure Control - TrileptalL increases seizure control with minimal 
    treatment complexities. Learn about types of seizures, epilepsy diagnosis, living with epilepsy and
    what epilepsy treatment may be right for you.
  • Parkinsons Disease Medication - Offers information about Stalevo, a medication for the treatment 
    of Parkinson's disease symptoms, as well as resources for patients, caregivers, and professionals.
  • High Blood Pressure Treatment And Medication - Information about high blood pressure, including 
    medication and treatment with lifestyle changes.
  • AlzheimersDisease.com - From Novartis. Offering general Alzheimer's disease resources including 
    diagnosis, treatment, living with Alzheimer's and being a caretaker.

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