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Sunday, September 24, 2017


The Planet Mars

Interesting facts about the planet Mars

The Planet MarsMars is the fourth planet from the sun. Among the planets in our solar system, Mars is the most like Earth.

Interesting facts about the planet Mars:

  • Average distance from the sun:  141,704,100 miles
  • Average distance from Earth:  48,704,100 miles
  • Rank in size among the planets:  7th 
  • Diameter at the equator:  4,223 miles 
  • Planet type: Solid, rocky surface 
  • Mass:  .1075 times the earth's mass 
  • Gravity:  .379 times the earth's gravity 
  • Surface temperature:  approximately -220F to 68F 
  • Orbital velocity:  14.99 miles/sec 
  • Earth days required to orbit the sun:  686.95 
  • Tilt of axis:  2359' 
  • Earth hours required to rotate on its axis:  24h, 37m 
  • Escape velocity:  3.1 miles/sec 
  • Number of moons:  2 
  • Does it have and atmosphere?  yes 

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